The Man Getting High In A White Castle

The Unfolding Text - Episode 941

Amongst the dross this awful movie serves up, none is less forgivable than the shoehorning cameo of the author of the book from which this piece of dreck was supposedly adapted. Although how functionally illiterate brain damaged monkeys, who one assumes wrote the movie's script can't have ever read that or any other book.

The author, Phil Dixon, has made a cameo in over 20 movies, 10 television series, 3 web series and 2 Netflix series. And then this.

It started as sort of a cute gag, the shock of seeing the octogenarian there in some trivial scene or given a cutesie line of dialog almost enough to forgive the breaking of the fourth wall, the more so since in his novels and stories he is forever investigating the reality / illusion dichotomy.

However, in the case of The Man Getting High it's just another wet fart in an already very soiled nappy.

Avoid this piece of crap like the plague.

If you want to watch a good Dixon film and you've already watched the original AXE JOGGER a thousand times, try the usually overlooked INFILTRATION TEAM. Yes, it is a Dixon adaptation although they tried very hard to keep that under wraps on its first release, falling as it did right in the middle of his sensational sex crime trial. p>Forget all the tsouris of the man's life, and watch one of his great novels turned into a great story on screen.

As for The Man Getting High: avoid it, kill it with fire... But on no account reward Pony or criminally talentless actor / director Rafael DiCaprio with your money. Maybe, just maybe, if more people stop paying to be insulted Hollywood will lift its game.


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