Kyabrung Tyakthul

The Unfolding Text - Episode 99

The Head Lama chose this inauspicious moment to enter the work room where Lama Shoreditch laboured.

Paralysed with embarassment Shoreditch could only slide to the floor and kneel in abject shame as the Head Lama let out a gasp of dismay, seeing what had happened.

"I see what has occurred," the venerable Head Lama said, "but I cannot for the life of me understand how, or why, this thing has happened! What has brought you to this point, Shoreditch?"

"I have no knowledge of what happened, master. I looked up, looked down- and it was done. If it was indeed my hands that destroyed the work, they acted without any thought on my part - literally unconsciously!"

"Such a thing by its very nature makes this matter extreme in its seriousness," the Head Lama said grimly. "Negligence is an extreme thing, that leads to serious and fatal errors!"

Shoreditch could only nod.

  1. But... This is not your handwriting!
  2. Demonic graffiti
  3. The Yeti's Ghost

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