Weak bars or strong muscles?

The Unfolding Text - Episode 990

The bars bend and break very easily. Either the bars are made of plastic or some very weak material or your arms are ednowed with very powerful muscles.

If you are super strong, you can punch your way out of the cell with a very little effort. If the bars were super weak you could still be able to punch your way out, on account of the place being so shoddily built.

  1. I have superstrength
  2. The place is just shoddily built
  3. I'm superstrong AND the place is shoddy
  4. I'm NOT superstrong AND the place is not shoddily built. Something very weird was going on instead.
  5. My powers come from my metal bikini
  6. I have the power to bend and shape metal with my mind like Yuri Gellar
  7. I have Magnetic Power
  8. Whatever I touch turns to putty in my hands

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8/1/2016 3:14:58 PM

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