You have reached the Extend-A-Story INFINITE HOLOGRAPHIC text
version of Zombienomicon Eisegesis.

This Unfolding Text is without end or limit and the
adventure is extended by writers like YOU!

This game was started on Friday, 22 July, 2016.

This unfolding text is open and accepting new episodes.

If you're unsure of how to dive in and start writing, why not read
the Beginners Guide, Creation Guide and Advanced Guide first?

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Creative writing, let alone interactive fiction needs PRACTICE.
Just like karate do or sex, practice makes perfect!

For further inspiration, pages from the GN (graphic novel) part of this
GNARG (Graphic Novel Alternate Reality Game) are online at DeviantArt.

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This interactive fiction project focusing initially on the works of PKD,
(Philip K Dick) branches off into science fiction, fantasy, fan fiction, erotica,
horror, mystery and even public domain books and stories rewritten or
adapted to create new endings for old classics.

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Philip K. Dick at Disneyland (interactive novel)
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Proud Official Selection of the
PKD Film Festival and Animaze Daze in Cannes 2017

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"Zombienomicon" is a REGISTERED TRADEMARK #1761673 of Jonathan Nolan aka "Flying Tiger Comics".
YOU retain copyright to all of your own work contributed here, shared by consent.
All other IP is used as fan fiction, fair comment or parody.

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